22 July 2013


Well, not really, but it has been over a year since my last post.. How shocking is that?!

If you haven't already noticed I've completely revamped the appearance of my blog - my old layout didn't reflect me at all. The new one is clean, minimalistic and plain. Just how I like it!

I'm on a mission to start using my blog as much as I had originally planned. I will be posting the products I used in my tutorials on here instead of the description of my videos. This may annoy some, but it drives people to come check out my blog.

I'm aiming to do product reviews, outfit posts, swatches, hauls etc. It's going to take some encouragement from you guys to ensure I stick to it, but I have faith! ;)

Apologies for severely neglecting my blog - but here's to starting fresh!

Lauren x